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$AHEAD Coin is a crypto token created by Heiko Schmidt for one simple reason:  to reward those who support our mission to help entrepreneurs invent, find and invest in breakthrough solutions improving the life and health span of as many people as possible.

Investing in crypto is exciting but also highly speculative with no guarantees attached. If you can't afford to lose your contribution, please don't invest. Here is Dan Olson's two-hour-twenty-minute-long well-researched YouTube video explaining how it works and describing some of the pitfalls. 
Although I don't agree with everything Dan says, it should help you to make a better-educated decision.
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Investor Education

We curate or organize educational events so you have the tools to pick a future unicorn.

Why FUTURE YOU Retreat?

We will show you the most surprising, proven strategies and results so you can become a smart AI investor, your FUTURE YOU. Stop worrying and enjoy the lifestyle you and your family deserve. 

Future You Retreat

The best way to pick unicorns. Period.

In the next seven years, AI-centered use cases and implementation will disrupt most existing businesses and generate more than one trillion dollars in revenues, leading to the largest wealth creation in human history.
In a seminar-style exclusive weekend retreat, you can learn from successful AI practitioners and AI monetization experts how you can participate.

Due to COVID-19 travel restrictions, we will schedule the next retreat in fall 2022.

What you will discover


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