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We invest, partner, coach, and connect you to Science-based
AI-guided Lifestyle, Efficiency, and Biohacking - so you can achieve better health, financial success, and an improved quality of life.

"The first wealth
is health."    - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Are you a baby boomer entrepreneur or business owner?
Is your biggest fear how to effectively manage your chronic health condition while ensuring the financial stability of your family and the success of your business?

You are not alone. Baby Boomers operate approximately 9 million privately owned businesses in the US, with more than 5 million of us experiencing at least one chronic health condition, such as diabetes, heart problems, or some form of mental decline.

  1. How can I have a better health and life quality, more time for my family and things important to me?

  2. How can I minimize financial risks while maintaining the energy and focus needed for the continued growth and success of my business?

  3. How can I design my later years to stay healthy, relevant and independent?

Heiko Schmidt

Heiko Schmidt

The BoomerWhisperer

Serial Entrepreneur,
AI and Healthcare Expert

on a mission to help
US Baby Boomer Entrepreneurs and Business Owners
health, wealth and 
life quality.

I'm Heiko Schmidt.
Over the last 30 years, I have founded, developed, and sold businesses in the music, media, and tech industries in the US, Japan, Germany, Canada, and Australia. Starting in 2015, I had the opportunity to learn from and assist the brightest minds in AI to commercialize algorithms originally developed for NASA's unmanned space missions.
Along the way, I founded the largest AI monetization expert group on LinkedIn, helping entrepreneur colleagues apply AI to improve efficiencies or create breakthrough products. I'm also the founder of a mental health marketplace connecting patients with providers in 20 countries and work as an advisor for larger corporations in the healthcare sector.


Being a Boomer and experiencing multiple health issues myself, I started my own personal longevity journey with a strong focus on creating, discovering, and investing in longevity technologies and services so I can help friends and colleagues improve their health span, financial stability and life quality too. It was during this time that they creatively named me
"The BoomerWhisperer."

I am truly honored.

Discover the possibilities of Healthy Aging while growing your business

My story

As a Baby Boomer entrepreneur, I am approaching the age when many of my peers are experiencing a decline in energy and health. Experts call it "Geriatric syndromes", they are common, and many older adults suffer from at least one chronic condition, 30% suffer from two or more.
When I was in college, I thought 62 was the desired retirement age and that I might have a 35-year work life ahead of me. Now, as I am closing in on that age, I feel like I am in my 40s and most definitely not ready to retire.

Research suggests there is no typical older person. Some 80-year-olds have physical and mental capacities similar to many 30-year-olds, while other people experience significant declines in capacities at much younger ages. The diversity is not random.
People's physical and social environments affect their health behaviors and opportunities, leading to inequalities based on personal characteristics like family, sex, and ethnicity.


So I was wondering where I fit in the grand scheme of things and it turns out, the fastest-growing age group in the US is people over 85! And the second-fastest is people who are over 100!
Well, that means I'm not old yet - I'm just middle-aged with bonus years ahead and in good company!
Sure, 35 years of hard work has taken its toll on my health, but I feel that I am at a point in my life where I can still learn and grow, making this longevity journey a new and exciting experience I'm happy to share with you.


Why working with me?
As a boomer entrepreneur, Artificial Intelligence and Healthcare expert, I am privileged and very grateful to have access and the opportunity to collaborate with top researchers, entrepreneurs, NGOs, innovation teams from larger brands and investors, all focused on advancing the science of aging and creating and investing in products and services that can help us age healthily.
However, the really important question is:

What will work for you?
In the age of AI supported precision medicine, my mission is to find and guide you to the latest breakthrough knowledge, innovative ideas in Gerontology, Molecular biology, Genetics, Biomedical engineering, Nutrition, psychology, social sciences, Fintech and AI so you can take control of your longevity journey, transform your life to improve your health, wealth and lifespan.
You will also have exclusive access to discounts and special offers on cutting-edge longevity-related products and services to implement this knowledge and transform your daily life.


How about your business?

Growing a business becomes challenging when dealing with chronic pain, brain fog, difficulty focusing, memory problems, or constant exhaustion. It becomes hard to sustain the energy needed to make decisions, inspire your team, clients, and shareholders. Prioritizing everything that can improve these aspects becomes essential.

Moreover, the rapid advancement of AI and other technologies, combined with an extensive list of polycrises such as inflation, cost-of-living and cost-of-doing-business increases, climate change impacts like heat waves, flooding, fires and storms, loss of biodiversity, global supply chain and logistics reorganization, geopolitical tensions, culture wars at home and war in Europe and the Middle East accelerates uncertainty and change. These factors are indeed real threats to your business and the financial stability of you and your family.

I'm in the same boat, together with you, here to help you catch up and focus on what truly moves the needle and turn it into business opportunities.

The catch?
It won't work without you. 
Join me in exploring and utilizing scientifically proven methods, resources, and experiences that can help us make the most of the extra years.

It's simpler than you might think - just get started and get better.

To make your journey even smoother, I've gone the extra mile and put together a handy cheat sheet for you. I like to call it "Supercharge Your Productivity with Our Top 200 AI Efficiency Tools."

As a fellow boomerpreneur and business owner, I understand the importance of tools that make work easier and help you achieve more in less time. That's why I've curated this treasure trove -
a 119-page guide specially designed with you in mind.


Inside, you'll discover my personal selection of 200 ! AI-powered tools that can help you automate tasks, work smarter, and streamline every aspect of your business:

🎥 AI Video Tools for effortless editing and promo creation.
📝 AI Writing Assistants to effortlessly generate content and copy. 🎨 AI Graphic Designers for stunning ads, logos, and visuals.
📊 AI Tools for Market Research, Data Analysis, Accounting, and more.
🗂️ AI Virtual Assistants to handle scheduling, note-taking, and task management.
🏗️ AI Website Builders, No Code Tools, Voice Changers, and much, much more.


Consider this guide your all-in-one resource for uncovering the top AI tools for boomerpreneurs in 2023/24.
It's packed with ways to help you work faster and better in every facet of your business.


Ready to dive in and get started?

Let the power of AI supercharge your productivity and take your business to new heights!


As Boomers, we understand our Longevity Journey as a holistic approach to mastering and balancing multiple interconnected challenges. Here is what we will cover so you can achieve transformational results:

  1. Health and Wellness:
    Chronic health conditions, healthy aging, wellness solutions, energy and vitality, stress management, mental well-being, nutrition and diet, exercise and fitness.


  2. Business Growth and Success:
    Business strategies, entrepreneurship tips, leadership development, marketing and branding, financial management, sales and revenue growth, time management and productivity, customer acquisition and retention.


  3. Work-Life Balance:
    Work-life integration, stress reduction techniques, time management strategies, work flexibility, remote work solutions, family and personal priorities, burnout prevention.


  4. Financial Stability and Retirement Planning:
    Retirement savings, wealth management, financial planning for business owners, Social Security and Medicare, investment strategies, estate planning, passive income generation.


  5. Technology and Digital Solutions:
    AI and automation tools, digital marketing, e-commerce and online presence, cybersecurity, productivity apps, cloud computing, remote collaboration tools.

But: Trying to keep up with the constant tech updates can sometimes feel like a full-time job itself.
And that's precious time we could be spending on growing our businesses or simply enjoying quality moments with family and friends.

Picture this: a world where you've got the perfect toolkit that just "gets" you – tools that effortlessly slice through the digital noise, supercharge your productivity, and gift you those precious hours for the things that truly matter.

Well, guess what? I've rolled up my sleeves and combed through the vast sea of tech and apps, all so we can handpick the cream of the crop, just for you. And here's the best part – if you happen to discover something you absolutely adore through our recommendations, we might earn a tiny affiliate commission (without any extra cost to you). It's a win-win situation!

So go ahead, dive in, and make the most of these fantastic time management tools and apps. Your future self will thank you for it.

Enjoy the journey to reclaiming your time!


Tevis Verret

Tevis Verrett
Managing Principal and CIO Triumvirate Trading Ltd.

Mr. Schmidt is a visionary and his a.i. technology is profound and disruptive in the industry. . . . . and will save many lives that destroy families. I am proud to know such a big-hearted dad and looking forward to a bright future with this entrepreneur. 

Dirk Schapeler

Dirk Schapeler
President and SVP NGK Spark Plugs (USA) Inc.

I met Heiko at Stanford University 7 years ago. He has much experience in the healthcare space, building platforms, and businesses. He is on my medical advisory board helping us with M&A deals and evaluating business opportunities. Heiko is challenging my leadership and myself. It is always great to get his perspective because it is different. I would highly recommend working with him, which is what I continue to do.

Javad Seyedzadeh

Javad Seyedzadeh
Founder & General Partner Medical Technology Ventures Partners

I'm working with Heiko on the medical Advisory Board of NGK to identify, select and invest in smart health tech opportunities. 
Heiko is a creative thinker and a passionate entrepreneur. 
I highly recommend him and his capabilities and talent for any business opportunity and industry.

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