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"You become the average of the 5 great people you spend quality time with."

Albert Einstein


In a series of interviews, the AI Winners Show focuses on highlighting and learning more about accomplished AI pioneers who apply their research across industries, solve real life problems, and shape our futures.

Lisa Suennen


Venture Capital Investor & Healthcare Industry Advisor

Lisa has worked broadly across the fields of healthcare IT, medical technology, healthcare services, and especially where these fields converge in digital health. She is a prominent voice in digital health as the author of the Venture Valkyrie blog and co-host of the bi-weekly Tech Tonics podcast, where she interviews leaders at the forefront of healthcare and technology. She is also the Senior Managing Director of GE Venture‘s Healthcare Investment Group, a member of the UC Berkeley Haas faculty and the Founder of C-Sweetener—a non-profit dedicated to matching senior female leaders in healthcare with mentors to further their success. Lisa has spent nearly 30 years as an entrepreneur, investor, and board member in the healthcare field. She is serving on numerous private, public, and nonprofit boards of directors like Evidation Health and the California Health Care Foundation Innovation Fund. Named the Top Digital Health Evangelist and “Tech Super Woman” by numerous investment firms and media outlets such as Goldman Sachs and Forbes.

Walter De Brouwer


Internet and Technology Entrepreneur & Semiotician

Walter de Brouwer is the co-founder and CEO of Scanadu – a NASA Ames-based company that makes consumer medical devices. Scanadu is building a suite of products that enable consumers to easily monitor their health in order to have more informed conversations with their doctors. Prior to Scanadu, de Brouwer ran One Laptop Per Child Europe and founded Starlab – where he developed the concept of “Deep Future” research and worked on intelligent clothing and personal genomics typing. He also established Riverland Publications in 1990 to publish personal computer magazines, which he sold to VNU in 1994. Additionally, De Brouwer was closely involved in two international IPOs – Stepstone and Eunet-Qwest.

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Are you working on groundbreaking research, inventions, or businesses, in AI? Have you successfully applied these AI discoveries to make a difference in the lives of many people? Because AI is changing all parts of our lives, chances are you have already become one of the great pioneers of the 4th industrial revolution. In a one on one interview, we will talk about your story behind the success, your vision for our future, and how other colleagues and friends can learn from your work.

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