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Create, find or acquire your next
Billion Dollar Revenue Product

Revenue drivers and business models disrupted?


My name is Heiko Schmidt.

I’m an entrepreneur, innovation and AI monetization expert. For more than 30 years, I've been building successful products in the US, Japan, Europe, and Australia. 

Outside of my work as founder and CEO of companies  in mental health and music publishing, I’m helping as a consultant to CEOs, as a board member or investment and innovation advisor for corporate or venture investors.

I’m also the founder of the largest AI monetization expert group on LinkedIn and connect clients within my first degree LinkedIn network of 30,000+ AI researchers, entrepreneurs, innovators and investors.

You can learn more about my background.

As an expert in the commercialization of advanced AI technologies and AI monetization models, you can benefit from my experience and large network to solve real-life problems, creating successful new products and services.


Although my main focus is in AI/healthcare, I'm also helping some friends and colleagues to create, find, acquire and exit breakthrough innovations in other sectors and geographies.

How to create/find YOUR next billion dollar blockbuster product?

With a 40+% CAGR, digitalization and AI implementation have become the largest growth and profit drivers. Healthcare providers and investors understand this prospect, with more than 50% of them already invested in AI. If you want to improve process efficiency or create the next breakthrough, your business needs a comprehensive AI-centered strategy to stay ahead. 

Here is the problem:

There are not enough AI implementation use cases in the market nor are there enough people who can help businesses understand how to operate machines and systems that think and learn by themselves. Customers, patients, payers, and regulators will ask for an explanation for decisions that are made with the help of AI. So, to make it work for all stakeholders, you need a deep understanding of the risks and rewards, and you have to coordinate people, processes, and technology. 


Let’s start by talking about your long-term vision to optimize company value and exit in a fast-changing and developing 3.0 economy. 

My simple three-step blueprint: 

Image by Burak Tonç

Low-Hanging Fruit

Implement AI to optimize your processes

Image by Ben Kolde

3.0 Upgrade

New business, growth and monetization models

Image by Shot by Cerqueira

Breakthrough Product

Framework to create/find the next large revenue driver

First, we will identify the low-hanging fruit where AI-powered tools can optimize and streamline your processes. In a second step, we proceed to discuss new 3.0 business, growth and monetization models. The third step will define the framework to create a breakthrough solution, product, or service as your next, large revenue driver.

If you’re the CEO of a seasoned company and you are looking for your next blockbuster product to seriously grow your bottom line, you can book a session with me here.

Past Clients

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What clients say


Dirk Schapeler

President and SVP 
NGK Spark Plugs (USA) Inc.

I met Heiko at Stanford University 7 years ago. He has a lot of experiences in the healthcare space, building platforms and businesses.
He is currently on my medical advisory board  helping us with M&A deals and to evaluate business opportunities.
Heiko is challenging my leadership and myself. It is always great to get his prospective because it is different.
I would highly recommend working with him and that is what I'm continue to do.


Tevis Verrett

Managing Principle and CIO Triumvirate Trading Ltd.

Mr. Schmidt is a visionary and his a.i. technology is profound and disruptive in the industry. . . . . and will save many lives that destroy families. I am proud to know such a big hearted dad, and looking forward to a bright future with this entrepreneur. 


Javad Seyedzadeh

Founder & General Partner
Medical Technology Venture Partners

I'm working with Heiko on the medical Advisory Board of NGK to identify, select and invest into smart health tech opportunities. 
Heiko is a creative thinker and a passioned entrepreneur. 
I highly recommend him and his capabilities and talent for any business opportunity and industry.

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