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How To Get Your Business Ahead

Updated: Dec 7, 2018

Are you a scientist, researcher, engineer, or expert in your respective field?

Have you developed an amazing prototype or algorithm and are now thinking about how to become an entrepreneur to commercialise it? Have you tried turbo learning "how to be an entrepreneur" but run into the problem that there are hundreds of websites with good and - most of the time - bad advice? You try incubators, accelerator, startup match ups and crash courses but finally realise that every single one of them want your money instead of your success.

Over the last 25 years of my professional career I have helped creative as well as business talents realize their dreams and grow to the next level.

Although, I use webinars and books of educational help to improve myself, I have experienced first hand that success truly stems from great teams. Building a product is easy, getting people to care and pay attention is not. It needs hard work and dedication from a good team to make that happen. People, motivated by a larger mission, who make up for each other’s weaknesses and complement each other.

However, finding the right team mates is difficult. Spotting people who are qualified is simple but most companies, products, and investments fail because of egos, different agendas, as well as wrongly aligned economic interests, among hundreds of other reasons.

Looking back, I built 17 businesses on 4 continents and although I had great success with a few, to be perfectly honest, most of them weren’t profitable overall. Yet working with all those different people, cultures and times, I have noticed one common pattern.

When everyone in the team was motivated by a larger mission, economically aligned, treated like a partner, and the chances for personal growth were equally spread, no one was able to beat them.
Even if you have a great talent, you can’t be “on stage” and “backstage” at the same time.

Every great talent needs the right environment to thrive.

That is the part where I can add value as your partner: Making your business “our business,” building the right team, financing, and corporate structure around the business case and your talent. 

I can’t guarantee success nor can I look into the future. But what I can promise is to growth hack your business to success or ultimate failure and either way, have fun and enjoy the process together with you.



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