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Your step-by-step guidance to

creating and starting your

AI-powered billion dollar business

in 60 days or less.

Accepting students now!


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6 weeks

Time Commitment

4 hours per week

Course Language




Business Development


What You'll get
Who wll benefit

Course description

​We all have heard of unicorns, the mythical horses inciting the imagination of children all over the world. Despite the fact that they don't exist in reality, there are unicorns that, although extremely rare, thrive in the business world: Private companies including SpaceX, Reddit, and ByteDance (the parent company of TikTok) with valuations over $1 billion.
However, with less than a 1% chance for the average startup to reach unicorn status, it would be an understatement to say scaling a business to cross that line is a challenge. Nonetheless, with startups increasing in number from three per week in 2021 to ten in 2022, and with over 1000 successful unicorns to learn from as of March 2022, creating your own unicorn is now more achievable than ever before.


But how exactly does a startup become a unicorn? And, more importantly, how can you start your own?


In this introductory course, developed through many years of fieldwork with over 5000 data scientists, AI engineers, innovation experts, CEOs, and investors, you'll explore exactly how entrepreneurs match promising products and services with customers to scale their businesses to success. Using real-life examples and guided self-reflection, you'll also gain a better understanding of who you are, what you want, and what you need to succeed. Then, you'll apply valuable strategies to leverage your unique character, knowledge, and skillset and develop a business that could improve the lives of millions of people and your financial circumstances for generations to come. 

Skip the years and millions of dollars in trial and error and create your own billion-dollar exit formula today. 


      A better understanding of who you are and what you want
      A mapped-out AI-centered use case leveraging your unique talents and 

      A detailed execution plan

      Lifetime access to a peer network of entrepreneurs, mentors, and investors



Whether you are a first-time entrepreneur starting with an idea or exploring entrepreneurship, learn the language of the startup world and how you can benefit by leveraging your talent and skills. 

Early-stage Entrepreneurs

Gain an overarching framework to focus on billion-dollar opportunities. Are you on track to help millions of people to solve a larger problem? Skip years of trial and error and stop wasting millions of dollars.

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Learn more about yourself. See what it takes to become a successful entrepreneur and determine whether starting a business or working for a startup is the right path for you.


We will focus on three elements:

1. Live coaching 
2. Your homework
3. One-on-one personal and peer group support to get you results

This is a Beta course and our goal is to encourage you to immediately apply the knowledge you just learned in each session. You will be an active part and together we will shape that learning experience. 
This is a live-action course with no pre-recorded video material.




    November 2023

        Program Dates: Nov 1 2023 - Dec/13/23

       Length: 6 weeks 2-hour live video sessions + 30 minutes Q&A one-on-one

       Sessions: Wednesdays 10 - 12 PST plus 2 days of one-on-one implementation support

       Price: US$ 1,997​ (full price)

       Guarantee: 30-day money-back

       Early Bird Specials: US$ 998 before October 1st, 2023
                                              + Bonus: 60 minutes 1-on-1 coaching session anytime before

Program Structure
Course Content
  • Session 1 Introduction:
    The 30,000 Foot View -
    Understanding the Basics


    • What is AI?

    • Why do we need it?

    • AI use case categories

    • How is AI developed?

    • Options to implement AI

    • How to monetize AI

    • Market opportunity

    • How can you benefit?

  • Session 2 Uncertainty Island:

    • ​The challenge

    • Uncertainty and the cashflow-roller-coaster

    • What do you want (and what not)?

    • Why it’s not the tech (it’s about you: helping people)

    • How can you find your calling?

    • Leveraging tech to become one of the successful billion-dollar AI entrepreneurs

    • How to grow your use case in a 3.0 economy

  • Session 3 Discovery Island:

    • Personal brand

    • Subject interests

    • Life goals

    • Timeline

    • Project topics

  • Session 4 Evaluation Island:

    • Market research

    • Niche down, profits up

    • Value definition

    • Numbers

    • Mission statement

  • Session 5 Feasibility Island:

    • Technology definition

    • Growth hack strategies

    • Product development timeline

    • Nail your message

    • Start presale

  • Session 6 Execution Island:

    • Optimize sales funnel

    • Team

    • Partners

    • Clients

    • Investors

    • Exit: Wall Street

  • Session 7 Future You Island:

    • The 3 career steps

    • Adjusting your life goals

    • Every decade is different

    • Independence is a privilege (use it)

    • How to stay wealthy

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Screen Shot 2022-03-08 at 8.05.01 PM.png
Should you participate
  • ​Who is this program for?
    This program is designed for ambitious entrepreneurs and college students who seek to solve a larger problem for millions of people, in the process creating a use case with a billion-dollar exit valuation.
  • Who is this program not for?
    This program is not a good fit for those looking for get-rich-quick schemes.
  • What can you expect after 6 weeks BDEF?
    You will have a) discovered a method to learn more about yourself, your talents and skills. That will give you the fundament to build your brand persona = a unique description of who you are and why you are different. You need that to differentiate yourself to stand out and to achieve recognition. b) created one to three vetted business ideas to build your own billion dollar business case. c) structured and started to work on your business idea specific investor deck, so you can convince partners, team mates, clients and investors to help and work with you. Important: This 6 weeks won't give you all the results but it gives you the system, the blue print to follow through and create results. Word of advice: Managing your own expectations is the most important part for your success. Even if fully financed, it takes an average of 5 to 6 years to grow a business idea into a business with a billion dollar valuation and there are many obstacles in the way to get there. Entrepreneurs who did it successfully share one common character trait: They have and still enjoy the rodeo, the love the thrill to overcome the challenges, day by day. They don't see their mistakes as failures and setbacks as part of the journey. So please keep going, no matter what.


Papa profile pic linkedin.jpeg

Heiko Schmidt

Founder AI Monetization Expert Linkedin Group, Entrepreneur, Innovation Expert

  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Founded music, media, and tech companies in the US, Japan, Canada, Germany and Australia as an entrepreneur for the last 30+ years.

  • Produced prime time TV shows

  • Co-founded record labels, music production and publishing, artist management and media marketing companies

  • Created a new system to engineer music to increase brand recognition for large consumer brands by a factor of 4.5

  • Built an international forensic royalty accounting system helping more than 100 music publishing clients increase their revenues by up to 70x

  • Won a seven-year lawsuit changing the law to benefit songwriters, producers and artists who can now cancel their contracts if labels or publishers cheated with royalty payments

  • Coined the term “AI monetization” and built the largest AI monetization expert network on LinkedIn. First degree connected to 30,000 AI researchers, entrepreneurs and innovation executives

  • Conducted a clinical trial with 1,756 UCLA heart patients to find correlations between facial features and cardiovascular diseases

  • Strategic Investment Advisor to large corporate venture funds and companies

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