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We help entrepreneurs, companies and investors
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My name is
Heiko Schmidt.



I'm an entrepreneur.

Over the last 30 years, I have founded music, media and tech companies in the US, Japan, Germany and Australia.

I believe that smart AI implementation in combination with web 3.0/blockchain structures are the largest growth drivers for any business in the coming five to 10 years.

We will also see the accelerated adoption of these technologies powered by quantum computing and 5G/6G internet speed.
This completely new era of human development will be able to solve many problems within a couple of weeks or months rather than decades.

As a result, we are at the beginning of an unprecedented generation of wealth, and many more of us will be able to participate.


Join me to learn more about how we can develop this new world together.

and get your share of the largest wealth creation
in human history.



As an advisor, board member and consultant I am involved in projects to help entrepreneurs multiply their revenues, companies find their next blockbuster billion-dollar product, and investors learn how to benefit from the largest wealth creation in human history.

Although I have worked across numerous industries and geographies, my focus is healthcare innovation, developing and integrating top-notch AI solutions, creating new business models, helping with deal flow, evaluation, M&A and leveraging my vast network of investors and experts.


My personal journey started with 21 years of music and 5 years of science education, graduating with an art and engineering master's degree in Berlin, Germany.

Screen Shot 2022-01-04 at 8.45.46 PM.png

Shortly after, I became a TV producer at ZDF, Europe’s largest television station.
Breakthrough success came through my music-related companies in the late 90s,

moving to Malibu in California and expanding the businesses to Japan, Europe and Australia.
In the early 2000s, while losing two-thirds of our projected international music-related royalty income to system failures and fraud, I had to fix the bleeding and invented our forensic international accounting system which resulted in a 3.5X revenue increase for our very own catalogs and up to 70X for some partners and clients using our innovative solution. 

I also created and grew our unique international licensing system with more than 300 licensing partners in 35 countries and 5,000 licensing deals acquired and negotiated.

On the way, I spotted, signed and managed some outstanding creative and business talent. 

Besides my work as music executive,
I also co-wrote and co-produced many songs, some internationally successful like SWEETBOX’s Everything’s Gonna Be Alright

which sold 40 million copies worldwide.

How can i help

Learning from the Best

As our data-driven forensic international royalty system was able to identify significantly undervalued music publishing assets, I convinced two Private Equity Firms (Lloyds Development Capital in London and Bank of America/Merrill Lynch in NYC) to co-sponsor my bid to buy, aggregate, enhance and flip music publishing catalogs.

With $300m in equity commitments and another $250m additional debt guarantees from UBS and Credit Suisse, I spent about two years creating an M&A pipeline with 2,000 potential targets, 200 in pre-due diligence, 20 in detailed DD leading to 3 fully backed final bids.

Although I wasn't successful with my acquisition attempts, badly outnumbered and outsmarted by larger elephants like KKR and Pension Funds who had the much cheaper cost of capital and teams of hundred plus people working on the closing, this has been the most intense learning experience of my life.
On that journey and without regret, I lost a lot of money in bad deal fees but gained incredible knowledge and some friendships with amazing people along the way.


Creating the First 3.0 Shared Economy Model 

While crunching the financial data of potential acquisition targets, I realized  something:
Hit songs are very well monitored and managed. No matter how clever a buyer is, he will not be able to double or triple the revenues making it a 2X opportunity only.
On the other hand, songs with zero or less than $20 in yearly revenues are not well administrated, neither is anyone actively managing these music publishing assets because a human work hour is too expensive and you would lose money trying.
But what if...
these assets could be monitored and well administrated and matched to some smaller licensing opportunities in videos, film, TV, brand commercials...
The revenue of these assets would multiply.

Gideen for a 5year old.jpg

The solution was to significantly lower the admin costs by building the first fully automated record label and music publishing company and lower the active asset management costs by serving it with a 3.0 shared economy model to incentivize all stakeholders involved. 

We were awarded the #1 innovation prize at the 2014 MusicTech Summit in San Francisco.

Although despite this initial success, I was too early and could not find enough early adopters back in the day. Now, blockchain tech is more developed and 3.0 shared economy models more accepted. I'm confident that some great entrepreneurs will pick that up again in the near future and make it a commercial success. 


From Data to AI Monetization

About seven years ago, I took a chance to help a friend with his AI-centered company, Beyond Limits, by commercializing AI algorithms originally developed for NASA’s unmanned space mission. The tech is super-advanced but the challenge was to find and fund entrepreneurs who could make it successful.
I called it: entrepreneur/market fit.

Screen Shot 2022-01-05 at 6.33.39 PM.png

Working with potential candidates, I soon realized it takes a special type of blueprint to help an entrepreneur not only find their calling but also help them along the way to become “blockbuster successful”, creating a company with an exit value of hundreds of millions or even billions of dollars.
Just to be clear: I’m not a role model nor am I a billionaire. I’m an entrepreneur just like you. Over a period of 30 years, I have built and run many companies in different sectors and geographies, going through countless trials and errors in the process of finally getting the results I was hoping for. Today, I am happy to share my findings as well as my network.

AI monetizatin

The Billion Dollar Exit Formula

That is why I created a basic 8-week beta program and will help 20 talented entrepreneurs find their way. There will be a waiting list for the 2022 batch at the top section of this website.

Screen Shot 2022-01-08 at 5.57.52 PM.png

As there is a limit of 20 seats for 2022, you have the opportunity to get on top of the list by investing in and holding our Ahead coin cryptocurrency.
As part of our Ahead coin investor family, you can also enjoy multiple perks including discounts.



A Father Is Trying to Help

A few years back, when my teenage daughter became depressed and started having suicidal thoughts, I went on a very bold personal mission with

Screen Shot 2022-02-22 at 4.42.35 PM.png
Screen Shot 2022-02-22 at 4.45.48 PM.png is an AI-centered marketplace and teleconsulting platform helping patients and loved ones find the best mental help worldwide. Approximately two billion people globally suffer from mental health problems but only one out of 17 receive the correct diagnosis and a treatment that works.
That’s only six percent! It’s ridiculous.

One example: A recent UK study revealed that it takes on average 13.4 years to diagnose bipolar disorder correctly. Because of the existing trial-and-error Q&A-based system, patients and their loved ones suffer for years, leading to 800,000 suicides annually. There are thousands of apps and ideas to tackle parts of this problem but nearly all of them lack the data and science to prove efficacy.

After talking and collaborating with leading experts from L.A. school districts, scientists from top universities, expert practitioners, and Veterans Affairs (VA), my team and I decided to go after the root cause in order to change the existing system.

Screen Shot 2022-02-22 at 4.46.16 PM.png

When patients teleconsult with a practitioner, they have the option to record a new form of clinical-grade emotional and behavioral vital sign data. AI algorithms capture, categorize and analyze it.
Here is an example of one set of AI machine-vision algorithms capturing and classifying emotions 15 times per second.

Kristina GIF full.gif

The combination of many other biosensors analyzes the sound of the voice, body language, color change/oxygen saturation of your facial skin, speech in connection with behavioral analyses like frequency of cell phone and app use, what and how fast you text, etc. This generates an individual emotional and behavioral profile with clinical-grade data. It helps a patient to measure and understand their mental health problems and assesses whether a therapy works for them.
Human psychology is complicated and this is not a system on autopilot. But it is the first hard science-based step in the right direction helping patients and loved ones stop guessing and start knowing.


Investing in Health Tech Innovations


In my role as advisor and business coach, I'm helping colleagues and friends in the AI and healthcare sector succeed in their mission to buy, invest, develop and grow med-tech businesses.

I’m very much into longevity-related science and love working on investments in companies that help people enjoy a higher quality of life over an extended period of time.
One part of this work is building efficient M&A pipelines, generating top quality deal flow, deal execution and asset integration.
If your business needs to grow quickly, I might be able to help you, too.

Tech innovatins

Other Achievements

  • founded and managed Paramusic (music productions), G&S (record labels), Parasongs (music publishing companies) and Paramedia (artist management and media marketing)

  • acquired and negotiated more than 5,000 licensing deals with 200+ partners in 35 countries including a partial exit 

  • created Gideen, the first fully-automated record label and music  publishing company as 3.0 shared economy model for 650 million orphan songs with revenues of under $20/year 

  • initiated and won a seven-year lawsuit changing the German law  to the benefit of songwriters, producers and artists who are now able to cancel their contracts if labels or publishers cheated with royalty accounting

AI 6.jpeg
  • developed unique AI algorithms, designed and conducted a clinical trial with 1,756 UCLA heart patients to  find correlations between facial features and cardiovascular diseases

  • produced successful prime time TV shows with top ratings

Screen Shot 2022-02-22 at 6.54.06 PM.png
  • won two Japanese Record Awards (best newcomer, best song of the year 1998) and numerous gold and platinum record awards in many countries

Screen Shot 2022-01-09 at 6.48.00 PM.png
  • invented a new system to engineer music to increase brand  recognition by a factor of 4.5 for Pringles, one of P&G's well-known consumer brands

  • coined the term “AI monetization” and built the largest AI monetization expert network on Linkedin with a direct  connection to 30,000 amazing AI researchers, entrepreneurs, investors and innovation executives

West Los Angeles VA Medical Center.jpg
  • collaborated with the best experts from L.A. school districts, scientists from top universities, expert practitioners, Veterans Affairs, UCLA,
    AI data scientists and engineers to establish a new form of clinical-grade and objective emotional and behavioral vital sign data, advancing accuracy of diagnoses and treatment success rate, hopefully changing textbook psychology as we know it

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